Profile of Founders, Board and Team Members

Skender Nikoliqi

Skender is co-founder and chairman of ABSM(Training and Advice Centre for Immigrants), and people close to him would say also the soul. His contribution was and is key for the development and success of this important Basel institution for integration and training of immigrants acting also as an appreciated juncture between the diaspora in Switzerland and the public authorities involved in migration issues. Skender is in regular contact with his relatives, friends and opinion leaders and authorities of Gjakova, the place of his youth and family roots. Graduated as Engineer, he works and lives for more than 20 years in Basel and is proud of Basel and Switzerland as much as of Gjakova and Kosova, thus exemplary what GjakovaBasel stands for.

Nazmi Jakurti

Nazmi, graduated as jurist and in mediation, invested his diplomatic skills and passion for the integration of the Albanian community in Switzerland and the friendship between Switzerland and Kosovo without rest during 30 years. In his job as secretary of the Swiss union UNIA he hols also the vice-chair of the national personnel commission. Numerous additional functions and voluntary responsibilities e.g. member of the Commission for Integration Canton of Berne,  Board of ABSM Basel, Lecturer at Pädagogische Hochschule Bern etc. makes him the best connected activist of the Albanian community and the ideal vice-chairman for GjakovaBasel.