Founders, Board and Team Members

Skender Nikoliqi

Xhezide Lumi

Nazmi Jakurti

Gzim Hasanaj

Besim Pajaziti

Vjosa Meqa – Project Coordinator

Vjosa Meqa comes from Gjakova and graduated in Bachelor’s studies at the University of Pristina, the English Language and Literature branch.

She has over 5 years of experience in various positions as Administrator, Translator and Assistant to various NGOs oriented to business development projects, training and capacity building activities. Professional experience in the private sector has created her professional relationships with various international businesses, local governments, local business community, service providers and government institutions.

Currently she is working as a Project Manager in NGO ‘GjakovaBasel’ and NGO ‘ABSM’ in Gjakova. Good communication skills and the English, German, and French languages greatly influence the regular performance of her work.