Members (alphabetical order)

Mr. Sali Bashota, Prof. Dr., President of National- and University Library in Prishtina

Mr. Shkelzen Doli, Violinist at the Vienna Philharmonic

Mr. Fehmi Fetahi, Chairman of Albanian Business People Network in Switzerland, Owner of Fetaxid AG, Altbüron and Valid Ranch in Perlepnicë – Gjilan

Mr. Shyqri Nimani, Professor of Applied Sciences and Design at the University of Prishtina

The members of the supporting committee

  • welcome  the initiative of GjakovaBasel
  • rate the approach of GjakovaBasel positive and relevant
  • help to increase awareness of Gjakovabasel in their network

Members have been suggested by the board members of GjakovaBasel and nominated with formal consent of each member. In order to further compliment the committee with personalities of careful choice, we welcome your hints and suggestions.